Julian Casablancas Clarifies Stance on Brunch

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

The Brunch Wars finally have their own (Eggs) Benedict Arnold: After igniting a media firestorm with his controversial remarks on the weekend meal, Julian Casablancas now says brunch is fine after all. Back in September, Casablancas told GQ the he left New York because he didn’t like how many more “white people having brunch” he could stand to look at, and like a modern-day Gavrilo Princip, Casablancas’s lone shot soon sparked a larger conflict. Brunchers of all races took up barricades on Twitter, while the New York Times unveiled a full op-ed assault upon the meal. Now Casablancas himself has turned to Twitter to play peacemaker:

Casablancas also sort of disputed, sort of endorsed those claims that the Strokes never got along:

Casablancas has not yet apologized for calling his GQ interviewer “bogus,” a charge unlikely to result in any NYT editorials.

Julian Casablancas Clarifies Stance on Brunch