Kesha Is Suing Dr. Luke for Sexual Assault [Update: And He’s Suing Her, Too]

Kesha is suing her longtime producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault, according to TMZ. In the suit, the singer claims that Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) abused her for years, including one incident where he reportedly ordered her to take unknown drugs, then assaulted her. The suit also details what Kesha’s lawyer says is Luke’s decade-long history of “mental manipulation [and] emotional abuse” towards his protégé. Kesha signed on with Luke when she was just 18, and  the singer’s mom previously blamed him for her eating disorder. The lawsuit is Kesha’s attempt to get out of her contract with him. Poor Kesha.

Update: Dr. Luke is now suing Kesha in turn, accusing her of using the lawsuit to extort him.

Kesha Is Suing Dr. Luke for Sexual Assault