This Is What Hodor Looks Like in a Christmas Sweater

Since he’s got next season off, Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has more time to indulge his favorite hobbies. In between stops on his DJ tour, Nairn stopped by British Big and Tall store High and Mighty, where he bought this Bran-d new reindeer sweater. It’s starkly ridiculous.

And now let us all sing our favorite Hodor Christmas carols:

God rest ye Hodor, gentlemen
Let nothing you Hodor
Remember Hodor Hodor
Hodor Hodor Hodor
To save Hodor from Hodor’s power
When Hodor’s gone Hodor
O, tidings of Hodor and joy
Hodor and joy
O, tidings of Hodor and joy

This Is Hodor in a Christmas Sweater