See Lorde, Pharrell, One Direction, Sam Smith, and More Cover the Beach Boys

To celebrate the launch of its brand-new BBC Music venture, the BBC has released a trippy, star-studded cover of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows,” featuring an 80-piece orchestra and just about every musician on Earth. On first glance, we spotted, among many others: Pharrell in a tux, Elton John covered in blue butterflies, Lorde with angel wings, Kylie Minogue floating in a bubble, Stevie Wonder surrounded by floating diamonds, One Direction singing in front of balloons, Chris Martin lying on the ground wistfully, Dave Grohl in the clouds with lightning bolts, Sam Smith crooning out a window in the sky, and the Beach BoysBrian Wilson looking a little confused while a tiger stands on his piano. To be fair, this generally seems like a confusing scenario to find yourself in, albeit an awesome one.

Lorde, Pharrell, 1D Cover the Beach Boys