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Mindy Kaling and Emma Stone Addressed the Ghostbusters Speculation

Emma Stone, Mindy Kaling.

After news broke last week that Paul Feig has officially come aboard to direct a new Ghostbusters movie with an all-female cast, fans have been fervently speculating on which actresses will suit up. Mindy Kaling fantasy-cast a female Ghostbusters team in her 2011 book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (when she suggested a squad where she’d star alongside Emily Blunt, Taraji P. Hinson, and Natalie Portman), so when Vulture ran into her at the New Yorker Festival party this past weekend, we asked whether she still had designs on a proton pack. “I love Paul, and I would never deign to take up his time by lobbying,” she demurred. “It’s such a amazing movie, that the whole area of speculating on it is … I think it’s out of my pay grade.” Another name linked to the new movie is Emma Stone, who was suggested for the project by none other than original ‘buster Bill Murray. When Vulture spoke to Stone this weekend at the New York Film Festival premiere of Birdman, we asked how it felt to know that Bill Murray wanted to see her in a female Ghostbusters. “That’s very nice,” she said, before quipping, “I want to see Bill Murray in a female Ghostbusters.”

Mindy Kaling, Emma Stone on Ghostbusters Rumors