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More Calzones in Parks and Recreation’s Future

Parks and Recreation doesn’t return until 2015, which feels like a thousand forevers from now. It’s not even Halloween! Is time even happening? When we last saw our noble Pawnee crew, the show had jumped three years into the future: Leslie seemed to be climbing the ranks of the National Parks Service, Ben was in a tuxedo as her doting sidekick, and their triplets were energetic toddlers. Now new on-set photos have emerged, and the costuming suggests a new future for Ben outside of government, a future pursuing his true passion of calzones. In this shot, he’s wearing a “In the Zone” apron and holding what appears to be a massive calzone. It’s a step up from the lo-cal calzone zone, but just barely.

Photo: PacificCoastNews
More Calzones in Parks and Rec’s Future