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Neil Patrick Harris Didn’t Mind Going Nude for Gone Girl

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 07: Neil Patrick Harris poses at The National Theatre Gala dinner hosted by Vogue Magazine for
Photo: Bruce Glikas/Getty

Much has been made about Ben Affleck’s glorious shower scene in Gone Girl — hell, we even gave you a step-by-step instruction guide to ensure you don’t miss Big Ben — but let’s not sleep on Neil Patrick Harris, who also gives the movie his all. Earlier this week, we caught up with Harris at the National Theatre Gala celebrating The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Barrymore Theater, and the former Hedwig star said his memorable Gone Girl sex scene “was super technical in the best possible way. David Fincher is so exacting. I loved … no wait, I relished getting his approval on a scene that was incredibly precise.” Did he have any qualms about baring all? Laughed Harris, “You know, for this role, it’s about whatever Boss Fincher needs from me. And for Boss Fincher, of course I’ll go there.”

Neil Patrick Harris Didn’t Mind Gone Girl Nudity