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Watch Jenny Slate and the Obvious Child Crew Discuss Veering Off-Script

Over the summer, Vulture went gaga over the indie film Obvious Child for — wait for it … (and while you do, read our June interview with star Jenny Slate about the abortion-centric rom-com, then chase it with our interview between Slate and her best buds) — obvious reasons. It’s really good! (Unlike that joke.) And now you can own it, or at least rent it, as it just came out on Blu-ray and DVD, so pony up, friends. Incentive: It comes with extras! Like this clip, in which Slate (wearing various badass ensembles, including a flower-patterned, Slanket-like number that is in no way one of her suggested post-breakup outfits), co-star Jake Lacy, and director Gillian Robespierre talk about how the script evolved during filming.

How Obvious Child’s Cast Veered From the Script