Robert Downey Jr. Would Do Iron Man 4 If Mel Gibson Directs

Actor Robert Downey Jr. attends
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The best-paid actor in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. knows something about redemption, and he also thinks it’s time for the industry to forgive Mel Gibson for his transgressions. In an interview with Deadline, Downey said, “Well, first off, he has changed so much” and went on to praise Gibson for his parenting skills. The reporter then suggested the idea that Downey would do Iron Man 4 (which he has already said he wouldn’t do) if Gibson directed it, and Downey responded by saying, “Correct.” The reporter asked, “Is that our headline?” and he responded, “Why not? That movie would be bananas.” So, there you have it: That’s the price of seeing another solo Tony Stark movie. His other thoughts on Gibson are below:

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson for Iron Man