See George R.R. Martin Explain The World of Ice and Fire at the 92Y

“In every epic fantasy, the world is a character” itself, said George R.R. Martin near the beginning of his recent visit to 92Y. That’s why he’s written a new book about the history and lore of his “Song of Ice and Fire” universe, The World of Ice and Fire, which he hopes will occupy fans long enough that they’ll stop asking him when The Winds of Winter is coming out. Martin stopped by 92Y to discuss the book (which he produced in collaboration with superfans Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson), and in the process explained which of his dragons could take on Smaug (“Balerion could give him some trouble, but Smaug still has that whole ‘talking’ thing”). But the biggest surprise of all has nothing to do with fantasy novels — it’s GRRM’s delightful North Jersey accent. You’ll never think of “da Targaryen kings”  the same way again.

See George R.R. Martin’s Full 92Y Appearance