Watch Bill Murray Deal Drugs in This Exclusive St. Vincent Clip

If Bill Murray rolled up to your place in a convertible, dressed to the nines (or at least his version of it), you’d pay attention, wouldn’t you? Say he wanted to sell you drugs to make a little extra cash on the side. Maybe he’d even throw in a little sweet-talking from his Russian-prostitute paramour (Naomi Watts). Seems like a pretty decent deal … except that, as Murray finds out in this exclusive clip from his new comedy St. Vincent (out today), the prescription drugs he’s willing to part with aren’t exactly in high demand. It’s just one of the many well-intentioned but haphazardly executed plans that Murray’s character finds himself in the middle of in this film, where his primary task is taking care of his next-door neighbor’s son (a gig that also doesn’t go so well, until it does). But as long as we’re suggesting some unusual part-time jobs for Murray … how about Saturday Night Live host?

St. Vincent Clip: Watch Bill Murray Deal Drugs