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The Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation Reunites at New York Comic Con

Sir Patrick Stewart
Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Beam Marina Sirtis up for Star Trek 3, Scotty — while William Shatner might be resurrected on the big screen (again), one of the only Star Trek: The Next Generation stars eager for a cameo in the next reboot installment was Deanna Troi. At the New York Super Week/New York Comic Con panel Friday night, the cast of ST:TNG — including Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and others with William Shatner playing moderator, reunited to swap stories, field fan questions, and ponder the next frontier. (For Denise Crosby, a.k.a. Tasha Yar, that would be playing “Karl Urban’s lover.”)

Sirtis had the crowd in stitches relaying a story on why her character ditched a revealing season-one uniform, calling it her “cosmic cheerleader outfit.” While admitting she had nothing to do with the change, the ship’s counselor said they realized the “go-go” threads didn’t suit the character.

It was also a night of solving riddles, such as why Stewart’s supposedly French-born Jean-Luc Picard speaks with a perfect British accent — Stewart claims a piece of film exists in a vault that features him reading a scene with a Parisian tilt, but it just didn’t work. The topic also gave the actor an excuse to tell the crowd he had returned from France only the night before, possibly the reason why he was a bit jet-lagged. (Stewart didn’t show at a separate Comic-Con panel Saturday, which had been billed as a solo event, so some of his TNG castmates fielded it instead).

Star Trek: TNG Cast Reunites at Comic Con