T-Pain Performs Without Auto-Tune; Blows Your Mind; Breaks Your Heart

In a pop-culture game of word association, nine out ten times, if someone hears “auto-tune,” they’ll quickly think “T-Pain.” That’s what’s so staggering about T-Pain’s Tiny Desk Concert performance. (Also, it’s staggering to hear “Throwing that ass for days/Booty going up” in the NPR office.) His voice is really great. His tone is especially affecting — slightly hoarse, with a real character to it. Maybe most charming is how coy and nervous T-Pain is about singing without Auto-Tune, seemingly surprising himself as much as anyone who watches. Seriously, watch it ASAP; it’s as close as you’re ever going to get to seeing a robot come to life and experience the immensity of mortality all at once.

T-Pain Performs Without Auto-Tune; Is Amazing