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How Much Do You Know About American Horror Story? Take Our SAT Exam

Can you cast with the witches on Coven? Can you hang with the residents of Briarcliff? How about the ghosts of Murder House? As Freak Show, the anthology series’ fourth incarnation, takes off, take our AHS SAT and prove you know Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s messed-up worlds inside and out.

Section 1.Time – 5 minutes10 Questions


Questions 1–5 are based on the following passage from an episode of Asylum aired November 21, 2012.

Lana arises in Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face’s soundproof basement. She’s in ecstasy at first, until she hears Thredson’s heavy breathing. “Is there anything more heavenly than waking from a nap to the smell of croque -monsieur?” he antagonizes. She screams, but it’s futile. And Dr. Thredson is feeling confident and relaxed. He reveals his backstory, and Lana does his best to feign comfort and compassion. “You’re the one,” Thredson gushes. We then learn when his criminal compulsions first originated.

Questions 6–10 refer to the following passage, quoted from former Murder House owner Larry Harvey in the pilot episode of American Horror Story.

“They’re not gonna put me back in the jail. I have brain cancer. Terminal. Inoperable. That’s the only reason they let me out. Homicide, triple homicide. I was in that house for six months before I started hearing voices. My wife thought I was working too hard. My daughter, Angie, was 6. The older one, Margaret, was 10. She looked like her mother. That’s funny, how it skips a generation like that. I killed them. All.”

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