There Might Be an Archie Comics TV Show Called Riverdale

Photo: Amazon

Archie Andrews is dead (sort of) in his long-running comic, but he may yet get one more chance to live, thanks to Fox. The network is developing a TV show called Riverdale that will follow the red-headed teen and his gang of squeaky-clean friends. Actually, take out the “squeaky-clean” part — Deadline says the project will be a “bold, subversive” drama that explores the “the darkness and weirdness” underpinning the Archie universe. That could mean anything from Desperate Housewives to Blue Velvet! The show will be produced by Everwood’s Greg Berlanti. This is Berlanti’s second attempt at bringing Archie comics to television (the first was Dawson’s Creek).

There Might Be an Archie Comics TV Show