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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Strut His Stuff to Beyoncé

The inimitable, adorable Benedict Cumberbatch went on The Graham Norton Show to continue his press tour for The Imitation Game and did hilarious, adorable things that only Benedict Cumberbatch can do, like sexy-scary dragon voices. Along for the ride in the episode was comedian Miranda Hart, who got up to demonstrate some observations on how people walk, including the Beyoncé strut. This provided a perfect (too perfect?) segue to Cumberbatch doing his best Beyoncé strut to “Crazy in Love.”

Norton also got Cumberbatch to do his Jar Jar Binks impression as well as say the word penguins, which is really tough for him to do (peng-wings). It’s adorable.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Strut to Beyoncé