Watch Elisabeth Moss Very Firmly Hand Jason Schwartzman His Ass

The New York Times just named Elisabeth Moss “one of the most exciting actresses in American movies,” and you can see the Mad Men star’s cinematic talents on display in this exclusive clip from Alex Ross Perry’s new movie Listen Up Philip, out today. Moss stars in the film alongside Jason Schwartzman, and he’s playing the film’s putative protagonist, a dyspeptic novelist who spends most of his time upbraiding the people in his life who can’t possibly measure up to his high standards. But once Schwartzman retires to the country to pursue his muse, leaving his girlfriend (Moss) behind in Brooklyn, the film takes on her perspective as she blossoms on her own. Eventually, Schwartzman returns, still expecting to rule the roost. As you’ll see in this clip — featuring Moss, Schwartzman, and one cantankerous cat — things do not go as planned.

Watch Elisabeth Moss & Jason Schwartzman Spar