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Watch the AHS: Freak Show Actors Talk About ‘Radical Difference’

FX has released a number of cast interviews from the set of American Horror Story: Freak Show in anticipation of the October 8 premiere. There’s a slightly more generic behind-the-scenes video where the more famous cast members, from Angela Bassett to Michael Chiklis, talk about working on set. But the videos you should really watch are the ones with the actors on the show who were born with various congenital disorders. Mat Fraser, who plays Paul the Illustrated Seal, talks about being an actor with a “radical difference”: “Freak means a radically different person onstage entertaining with their radical difference.” He has a condition called phocomelia, which came about because thalidomide was prescribed to his mother for morning sickness. Another actor Rose Siggins, who plays “Legless Suzi” and was diagnosed with sacral agenesis, talks about giving birth to two kids and introducing herself to her kids’ classmates. Watch the videos below.

Watch the Cast Interviews for AHS: Freak Show