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The 3 Funny People Who Passed Before Neil Patrick Harris Was Offered the Oscar-Hosting Gig

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

When the news first came out that Neil Patrick Harris would be hosting the 2015 Oscars, the reaction was decidedly “of course,” with a touch of “finally!” However, it was less of a given than it appeared. The Hollywood Reporter reports that NPH wasn’t the producers’ top choice. He wasn’t even their third choice. First, Ellen DeGeneres was begged to return. Then Chris Rock said no. Then, maybe most exciting, the producers asked Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hold in your “OMG”; JLD said no. Then, after all the waiters at the Chateau Marmont passed, we got Harris. A TV show is in development about the process, called How I Met Your Host.

Who Passed Before NPH Was Offered Oscar-Hosting