Adnan’s Family Just Gave Their First Interview About ‘Serial’

The major figures in the murder of Hae Min Lee have largely refrained from commenting publicly on “Serial,” but on Thursday, CBS This Morning got Adnan Syed’s family to talk about the podcast for the first time. Adnan’s brother Yusef Syed told CBS’s Jan Crawford that it’s difficult to listen to: “I wake up as soon as they put it on … Some days I’ll be like, This is a really great episode, and some days I’ll feel down and depressed.” Syed says he’s glad the show is helping his brother’s case, but reminds the obsessed “Serial” fan base that “there’s a real girl who died.” Hae Min Lee’s family has not spoken publicly since “Serial” premiered; the only clue about their thoughts comes in a Reddit post from someone purporting to be Hae’s brother: “You weren’t there to see your mom crying every night, having a heart attack when she got the news that the body was found, and going to court almost every day for a year seeing your mom weeping, crying, and fainting.”

Adnan Syed’s Family Listens to ‘Serial’