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When You Should’ve Been Most Embarrassed for Anne Hathaway, According to Anne Hathaway

It’s been awhile, but Anne Hathaway is back, co-starring in Interstellar and making the rounds. But that doesn’t mean she forgot about her past. It’s like that song “Forgot About Dre,” but instead of Dre, it’s hosting the Oscars with James Franco and wearing a dress that made it look like her nipples were erect. Last night, Hathaway was on The Tonight Show to talk (and not sing or play a game, oddly enough), and she confirmed those two things are still her high-water marks for embarrassment. Those are bad and on TV and everything, but at least she didn’t accidentally fart in the middle of a middle-school presentation on the Tet Offensive like the rest of us.

Anne Hathaway on Her Most Embarrassing Moments