Scenes from an Art Fair, Trying Not to Be An Art Fair

Photo: Stefan Bruggemann

When Independent Projects swept into town (it only ended this past Saturday), many expected the same kind of fatigue that comes with attending yet another art fair. In fact, the new extension of Independent seemed less like a “cash ‘n’ carry” convention, where galleries switch up their wares as they sell, and more like an actual show of sorts — you can look to Jerry to see what deserved stage time of the solo-booth format of the fair.

In that vein, at Parra & Romero, the artist Stefan Brüggemann, who, in his words, “makes work about existentialism, and how that incorporates into society,” was given space to create a 22-panel mural on-site, prior to the ten days that the fair ran. SEEN asked Brüggemann, who, in between palling around with his friend, fellow artist Adam McEwen (who just moved to a huge Long Island City studio) and dandy-intellectual Glenn O’Brien (slated to write the intro to Brüggemann’s forthcoming book), to give us the shot-by-shot of realizing his Headlines & Last Line in the Movies (Fluorescent) piece. Watching paint dry has never been more enticing.

The Art Fair Trying Not to Be An Art Fair