Christopher Nolan Wrote a Comic About the Surprise Interstellar Character

Spoilers for Interstellar follow.

Matt Damon’s character is one of the more puzzling aspects of Interstellar. Why did he turn evil? What was his plan? And what did he do to KIPP? (R.I.P., KIPP.) Thankfully, we get a few hints in the form of a comic Christopher Nolan wrote for the issue of Wired he guest-edited. “Absolute Zero” (which can be read here) tells the story of the moment Damon’s Dr. Mann decided to go over to the dark side once and for all. “If cold is only the absence of heat, if silence is just the absence of sound, if death is simply the absence of life,” he asks himself, “then is good the absence of evil, or is evil the absence of good?” Heady stuff! You can explore these issues, and see what comic-book Matt Damon looks like, in next month’s all-Nolan Wired.

Photo: Courtesy of Wired
Christopher Nolan Wrote an Interstellar Comic