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Minions Trailer: Watch the Despicable Me Yellow Guys Kill Napoleon

After helping Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 make all the money, the Minions got their own movie. As the trailer shows, Minions tells the little yellow creatures’ history of accidentally murdering the greatest villains of all time. The main plot focuses on New York City in the late ‘60s, where three minions are looking for their next villain to “help.” Maybe it’s Don Draper! Actually, Donny Drapes himself is in the movie, as Jon Hamm voices Herb Overkill, the husband to Scarlett Overkill, the super-cool villain du jour (Sandra Bullock). The film hits theaters July 10 next year. You probably should start preparing now for how annoying your kids are going to be, talking all Minion-y. You’re going to pray to hear “Let It Go” again.

Despicable Me’s Minions Have a Movie & a Trailer