Allison Williams Would Rather You Not Hate-Watch Peter Pan Live!

How could you hate (watch) this face? Photo: NBC

If you’re already planning on “hate-watching” NBC’s Peter Pan Live!, well, lay off, said star Allison Williams to Time:

If you’re going to watch this the same way that you watch a TV show that you hate, but you hate-watch it with all your friends so that you can drink wine and tweet at each other about how it’s bad, you need to just go ahead and take those lenses out of your glasses and put in the lenses that you had when you were six.

But what is hate-watching, anyhow? How do you truly know you’ll hate something until you watch it? Maybe we’re walking into Peter Pan Live! expecting some giggles, but can’t we chalk that up to a sense of childlike joy? And who says a little caustic tweet action won’t help NBC hit its numbers? It certainly helped the network’s very popular showing of The Sound of Music last year. Hell, maybe we should all just not watch this thing at all. After all, my prescription has significantly changed since I was a 6-year-old …

Ha-ha, nice try. See you on December 4.

Don’t Hate-Watch Peter Pan Live!, Says Peter Pan