If You Have $300M, You Might Be Able to Buy Funny or Die

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die is reportedly considering a big sale. Bloomberg reports that the company recently hired a financial advisor to “evaluate options including a possible sale” with an asking price of $100-300 million. “We’ve received unsolicited interest from a number of companies,” CEO Dick Glover said in a memo to FOD employees. “We are NOT trying to sell Funny or Die, but we thought it wise to engage some experts to help us evaluate the situation. In the meantime, if any of you mistakenly receive a briefcase full of cash, please bring it to my office immediately.”

An unnamed source also told Bloomberg that Funny or Die is currently working with an investment bank, “which has contacted several potential buyers to gauge their interest in a deal.” Funny or Die has yet to confirm or deny this news, but it’s unclear how a big sale would affect the company or McKay and Ferrell’s involvement. As long as there are still new episodes of Between Two Ferns, though, they’ll probably do just fine.

If You Have $300M, You Might Be Able to Buy Funny or […]