Introducing SEEN: 33 Days in the Art World

New Museum-mosphere
The opening of “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” at the New Museum. Photo: Matteo Prandoni/ NYC

Hello! Welcome to SEEN, New York Magazine’s new, limited-run, online art magazine, which launches today and continues through December 19. 

New York has been a part-time art magazine for 40 years — from covering graffiti in 1968 to Oscar Murillo in 2014. At least for the next five weeks, SEEN is an experiment in taking that coverage full-time, in the form of a romping daily chronicle of the art world — the traveling circus of galleries and gallery shows, museums, and art fairs, too, but also the bigger, embarrassingly alluring kaleidoscopic universe of style, design, fashion, film, and (a little bit of) nightlife.

A big part of it will be our art critic and resident sage, Jerry Saltz, who’ll be doing more of his insightful, incisive, all-hours commentary about art, the art world, and the art market here. But SEEN is much more than Jerry — there will be regular contributions from Carl Swanson, Wendy Goodman, Justin Davidson, Julie Baumgardner, and Thessaly La Force (who, on top of that, will also be editing the whole thing). And that’s all just for starters — we’re also going to be featuring exclusive stuff from artists we’re excited about, and writers and curators who amaze us, too.

There will be some parties, some ranting, and a lot of beautiful things. We’ll be at Art Basel Miami Beach, all over the current gallery shows, dipping into Instagram, asking artists to give us tours of museums, and asking collectors how they could possibly live with that piece of art in their living rooms. We really hope you like it.

Introducing SEEN: 33 Days in the Art World