james franco does it all

James Franco Places Himself at the Internet’s Mercy

As part of Paper magazine’s continued quest to #BreakTheInternet (see: Butt, Kim K.), James Franco did a #MakeJamesDo Google hangout where he put himself at the “mercy” of the audience. “I’m an actor and maybe I do crazy things or you think I do crazy things,” Franco says. “This is your chance to make me do whatever you want. And we’ll see if you do any better with me.” He rubs peanut butter on his face, lets a very cute puppy lick it off, twerks, wears a pink tutu, etc. This is art, or maybe just “art.” This is James Franco on steroids. This is everything you hate to love and love to hate about the internet. We’re sorry.

James Franco Is at the Internet’s Mercy