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Watch Jason Sudeikis Perform a Cut SNL Sketch for Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers unveiled the second installment of “Second Chance Theatre,” in which axed SNL sketches get a mulligan, last night on NBC’s Late Night — and thank God, because the absurdity and success of Jennjamin Franklin was starting to get lonely. As Meyers puts it, this latest almost-forgotten sketch features a “young dreamer who yearns to bring joy and happiness to people’s lives, while also teaching them a little something in the process.” It’s called “Juggling Flyer,” and it stars Jason Sudeikis, with a little help from Mike O’Brien, Fred Armisen, and the rest of the Second Chance Players. The skit builds slowly, but funnily, and then after a line hiccup near its latter half, gives way to some fine improv magic.

Sudeikis Performs Cut SNL Sketch for Seth Meyers