Jerry Seinfeld Coaches Wale in Complaining, Starting Beef

In 2008, Wale really made a name for himself with The Mixtape About Nothing, a mixtape that was influenced by and sampled Seinfeld. Years have passed, and Wale actually developed a relationship with Jerry Seinfeld himself, with the two collaborating on Wale’s upcoming Album About Nothing. This very funny sketch that accompanies Complex’s cover story on the pair suggests that the two collaborated on more than just an album: Namely, Seinfeld was the mastermind behind Wale’s infamous threatening phone-call to Complex, which Wale made after not getting included in the magazine’s album of the year list. Below, watch an enraged Seinfeld coach Wale on how to talk some serious shit. “What’s the deal with Complex? Comp-lex? Do they give you a free Lexus? A free Rolex? I think not!”

They also do some classic Seinfeld coffee-talking.

Jerry Seinfeld and Wale Seriously Are BFFs