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John Oliver Took Over The Daily Show to Plug Jon Stewart’s Rosewater

Jon Stewart has been making the rounds to promote his film Rosewater (ahem), but he said on Thursday night’s show that plugging his directorial debut for a full half-hour of The Daily Show felt too “weird.” That’s when he summoned John Oliver, his solution for all Rosewater-related problems, by rubbing a Queen Elizabeth II teapot. The Last Week Tonight anchor hosted the rest of the show (with Stewart lurking in the background), interviewing the film’s star, Gael García Bernal, and Maziar Bahari, the tortured Iranian journalist he portrays in the film. Bahari kicked things off by telling Oliver, “You’re welcome.” He explained, “If it was not for my arrest, Jon would not make a film, you would not host the show, and you would not have your show now.”

John Oliver Hosts Rosewater-Themed Daily Show