The Jurassic World Trailer’s 5 Callbacks to Jurassic Park

Thank you, Michael Giacchino, for pulling our heartstrings with your slowed-down version of one of John Williams’s memorable cues from Jurassic Park. (It’s like this week’s version of the sad version of “Crazy in Love” that Beyoncé did for the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.) But it’s not the only way in which the Jurassic World trailer references the beloved first movie in this franchise:

There’s this! (Good to be back on Isla Nublar.)

And this version of the Gallimimus run that Dr. Grant took with Tim and Lex.

And amber-frozen mosquitoes, how we’ve missed you. (Dino DNA!)

Here’s Chris Pratt channeling Muldoon’s Costa Rican island fashion.

Who doesn’t love flares?

And here’s a shout-out/middle finger to Jaws/Jurassic Park director and Jurassic World executive producer Steven Spielberg. Fuck yo’ shark.

This, though…this is a new one.

Jurassic World’s 5 Callbacks to Jurassic Park