Leaked Marilyn Manson Video Features a Lana Del Rey and Eli Roth Sexual-Assault Scene

A video featuring Lana Del Rey and director Eli Roth acting out a sexual assault leaked online today, reportedly from a scrapped Marilyn Manson video shoot. In an interview with Larry King last year, Eli Roth said that he’d shot the footage and it was “so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year.” But as reported by Pitchfork, Manson’s people completely deny his involvement: “This is not an upcoming Marilyn Manson video of any kind. It must be a fan video splicing up old Manson video footage with someone else’s Lana Del Rey footage.” The version below has been soundtracked by Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry,” although that pairing is not part of the original clip (which has since been taken down).

Gawker points out that the original clip was put online as part of a reel for Los Angeles–based digital-art group, Sturmgruppe, and much of the footage (minus the parts with Roth and Del Rey) made it into the finished video for Manson’s “No Reflection.”

Manson Video Features Lana Del Rey Assault Scene