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Mindy Kaling Fights With Her ‘Ex’ on Jimmy Kimmel

You know how when you run into your ex, you hope that you’re doing infinitely better than they are? Now imagine how awkward it would be to see them in the audience when you’re a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! If that’s too much of a stretch of the imagination for you, no worries, because Mindy Kaling has dreamed up the scenario for you. She performs a little bit on Kimmel, where she spots her “ex-boyfriend” Darren in the audience. He’s a lawyer and started his own practice. She has her own show — have you heard of it? The two go on like this to hash out who is winning this breakup. It’s all basically a very excellent live sketch of The Mindy Project.

Oh, and she also talks about that Malala incident, too.

Mindy Kaling Fights With Her ‘Ex’ on Kimmel