Sony May Reboot All in the Family With a Latino Cast

At a Paley Center discussion Friday morning, Norman Lear revealed that he may spend his 93rd year rebooting All in the Family yet again. According to Lear, Sony recently approached him with the idea of developing a remake of the beloved sitcom in 2015, possibly with a Latino cast. This would be Lear’s second attempt at a race-flipped All in the Family: 1994’s 704 Hauser featured a black family — named, amazingly enough, the Cumberbatches — living in the Bunkers’ old house. (Lear had kept the All in the Family sets in storage just in case.) That series was canceled after six episodes, but it did help launch the career of a young Maura Tierney, so who knows what good this new show could unleash upon the world.

Sony May Make a Latino All in the Family