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That New Platinum-Edition Beyoncé EP Is Streaming on Spotify

Hell yeah.

The good news? Beyoncé’s Beyoncé Platinum Edition is on Spotify. Strange but true, the diva has kept her album off the service for some time now — even before fellow pop-star Taylor Swift started her campaign against streaming. But if you’re the pioneer, you can’t stay with the trends, especially after they get trendy. The bad news? Despite Beyoncé’s revolutionary surprise technique, there are no big surprises here. We’ve got two new songs (and a video!) in “7/11” and “Ring Off,” and a few remixes that you’ve likely already heard: “Flawless” with Nicki Minaj, “Blow” with Pharrell, “Drunk in Love” with Kanye, and “Standing on the Sun” with Mr. Vegas. But as with all things Beyoncé, we’ll take what we can get. Stream it all below:

That New Beyoncé EP Is Streaming on Spotify