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The Affair Can and Will Cure Your Pacey Witter Withdrawal

Whether or not you’re a fan of The Affair, there’s no way to deny the horse-riding, often-bareshirted Joshua Jackson. (He plays Cole, the stubborn husband of adulterous Alison.) For Dawson’s Creek fans, it’s a Pacey Witter redux. If you can completely ignore the plot, it’s like an older Pacey returned to the ocean to open a horse ranch. And while some of you may choose to follow along with the mystery, some of us are here for the Witter. Hell, even his Affair co-star, Ruth Wilson, is Team Pacey, or so she told Vulture at the premiere of The Elephant Man: “I mean, he’s Pacey! And he’s got horses. He’s a real man. And he’s got a beard. I like a beard.” True. In case you didn’t realize and need to catch up, well, here we go:

First off, he has a necklace.

Sometimes he wears it with his towel.

Oh, you wanna see that in action?

He also has a mysterious tattoo.


Photo: Mark Schafer/Copyright, Showtime, LLC All rights reserved

But he keeps all of that hidden under an array of lovely Montauk-ian collared shirts.

Photo: Mark Schafer/?‚?? Copyright SHOWTIME/Mark Schafer 2014

Or a cool surfer-bro hoodie.

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Copyright, Showtime, LLC All rights reserved

Oh! Did I mention he rides a horse? He’s a cowboy. 

Oh, my.

Pacey forever.

The Affair Can Cure Your Pacey Witter Withdrawal