‘The New Yorker’ Profiles Tig Notaro’s Topless NYC Standup Set

“She is a deadpan comedian of the driest vintage, and her face remained stolid. The patches of the audience that were stunned into silence alternated with the patches that were seized by deep, hoarse laughter, resulting in weird patterns of wave interference. Notaro is thin. She stood with her shoulders slightly hunched, her ribs visible, her lack of breasts visible, her surgery scars visible. ‘Naked onstage’ is a classic premise for an anxiety dream, and the moment felt surreal. So it’s true that she doesn’t wear a bra. Is this being filmed? Is this actually happening?

- The New Yorker profiles Tig Notaro’s standup set last night at The Town Hall, in which a joke about her double mastectomy drew an unexpected audience response, leading to Notaro ripping off her shirt and performing the rest of her act topless.

‘The New Yorker’ Profiles Tig Notaro’s Topless NYC […]