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5 Ways to Know You’re in a Christopher Nolan Movie

Christopher Nolan’s settings vary wildly (California suburbs, Victorian London, Gotham City, wormholes), but his filmmaking tics remain the same. Let’s put it this way: If Christopher Nolan characters were able to watch Christopher Nolan movies (a sort of real-life inception, if you will), there would be more than a few ways for them to learn that the absurdly successful British director is the puppet master behind their plight. In fact … could you be trapped in a Nolan movie even as we speak? With Interstellar out this week, we took a hard look at his filmography and created this helpful guide to all the tropes you’re likely to see if you’re in a Nolan flick. Watch, and be on the lookout.

5 Ways to Know You’re in a Chris Nolan Movie