Watch Taylor Swift Play Queen of the Cool Girls in the Video for ‘Blank Space’

“Oh my God, look at that face.”

Today we learn that Taylor Swift’s patented “Surprise Face” is definitely not her only one. In the video for “Blank Space” (directed by Joseph Kaun, a.k.a. That Guy You Remember From So Many Episodes of MTV’s Making the Video), Tay debuts “Cool-Girl Taylor,” the girl who was born to emulate your idea of a perfect girlfriend and then use that to totally destroy you. Give this girl her Oscar already! We’re officially replacing the Surprise Face with a new one, and we’re calling it the Taylor Swift Psychopath Face:

Another thing worth noting! “Cool Girl” Tay is quite the prolific portrait artist. Here is a piece we’ll call Sean Before the Text Message:

Sean Soon After the Text Message:

Olivia Benson the Cat’s Take on the Whole Sean Situation:

I’m Trying Out a Banksy Thing, Go With Me Here:

:( :( :(

Here’s the video:

Watch the Video for Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’