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Vincent Kartheiser Goes to Antarctica in This Gorgeous New Trailer

Last season on Mad Men, Vincent Kartheiser’s Pete moved to California, and in the new movie Red Knot, Kartheiser is going even further afield: This time, he’s heading all the way to Antarctica. Kartheiser and Olivia Thirlby play a married couple who finally decide to take a late, most unusual honeymoon aboard a research vessel that’s heading to Earth’s southernmost continent, but along the way, things get almost as icy between them as the dramatic, gorgeous glaciers they pass and peer at. Since the trailer for the film (opening December 5 at New York’s IFC Center) is debuting exclusively on Vulture, you, too, can gawk at those stunning visuals, though you may be equally enticed by the sight of Kartheiser as a normal, modern-day dude with a healthy hairline. Enjoy!

Watch Vincent Kartheiser Go to Antarctica