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Which of These Scandal-Themed Candles Would You Buy?

It’s Thursday night and it’s time to watch Scandal. Maybe you’re already looking forward to putting on your robe, pouring yourself a glass of Olivia Pope–inspired Shiraz, popping a fresh bowl of popcorn, and limbering those tweeting fingers. Maybe you’re planning on lighting a candle … or 20. How about some Scandal candles? Luckily for you, we’ve concocted our own line of scents — all designed to enhance your watching experience. Stand in the scent!

Candle: Vermont Jam
Scent: Sweet adulterous freedom, which smells like raspberries.
When you’re in the mood for: An adorable domestic arrangement in which neither partner is the president of the United States.

Candle: Smelly Mellie
Scent: Stale cereal, hooch, and dirty bathrobes.
When you’re in the mood for: Giving up.

Candle: Shower Scotch
Scent: Notes of honey, aged peat, and mango body wash.
When you’re in the mood for: Drowning your sorrows, and maybe yourself.

Candle: Moonlight Shiraz
Scent: Red wine and the finest silk loungewear.
When you’re in the mood for: Wondering whether it was all worth it.

Candle: Zanzibar Getaway
Scent: Palm trees, warm sands, and whatever is the opposite of what your father smells like.
When you’re in the mood for: Finger-banging.

Which Scandal-Themed Candle Would You Buy?