Let’s Take Bets on Who Will Die on Parenthood

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by NBC

This post originally ran in November 2014. We are republishing it with the series ending later this month, as no one has died yet.

With Parenthood on hiatus until next year, you still have plenty of time to set up your betting pool on who will (as promised!) be kicking the bucket. All signs seem to be pointing toward Zeek, who, at the end of the last episode, asked that Camille call an ambulance. But maybe the writers of Parenthood are planning a little twist? Here are your odds. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Kristina Braverman (Monica Potter): 100:1
Kristina already had a death scare in season four, but it’s perfectly possible that the cancer could come back. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking, because she’s turned into a monster, letting Max get away with murder at the Braveman-run charter school and still (!) parading around like opening that thing was the best thing she and Adam could’ve done for him. We all realize now that this isn’t true.

Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedilia): 50:1
If Braverman matriarch Camille died instead of Zeek, you’d have to give Parenthood major props. This would be a cruel, unfeeling, and completely random twist, sure, but a good one.

Ruby Rizzoli (Courtney Grosbeck): 40:1
Bear with me, here. The amount of Rizzoli family drama in the final season of Parenthood is not just a waste of our time, but as the clock ticks down to the final episodes, it’s borderline offensive that we should be pulled farther and farther away from the Bravermans. Who cares about Ray Romano, Betsy Brandt, and their angsty teenage daughter? If the writers of Parenthood were going for a really satisfying ending, they would turn this entire thing into a Hell House–inspired tale of punishment and have young Ruby perish in some sort of Teen Accident. Would this bring Hank and Sarah closer together? Probably not. Actually, this would be a bad idea.

Amber Holt or Amber’s Baby (Mae Whitman): 15:1
Tragic, I know, but if Amber’s baby’s birth doesn’t happen in the same tear-inducing montage (and perhaps even in the same hospital?) as Zeek’s death, there’s a small chance that the Braverman Family Tragedy we’ve been so faithfully promised will come at the expense of Amber or her child.

Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard): 4:1
Remember when Crosby took that angry motorcycle ride and got into an accident? Did you also think he was going to die? Are you thinking that maybe the Parenthood writers might pull a not-so-fast on us and put him in the hospital, perhaps in a bed right next to his post-op father, Zeek? You’re not alone! The show has been insinuating for weeks that Crosby is on a downward spiral, having to deal with the Luncheonette’s financial problems and his own desire to “stay hip” despite having two young children of his own.

Zeek Braverman (Craig T. Nelson): 2:1
Okay, so, this will probably happen. Especially with the cliff-hanger from last week — Zeek asking Camille to call him an ambulance — he appears to be fading fast. Parenthood is a show that goes for the jugular, meaning, they know what would hit the Bravermans the hardest, and that’s the loss of their patriarch.

Let’s Take Bets on Who Will Die on Parenthood