Adnan Syed’s Family: ‘Serial’ Has Brought Us Closer Together

We already knew that Adnan Syed’s family listens to “Serial,” and now, thanks to a long interview in The Guardian, we know how they feel about the podcast that made millions of people obsessed with Baltimore-area cell towers. On the whole, they’re pretty pleased with it. “Sarah [Koenig] is so thorough and clean,” Adnan’s brother Yusuf tells the British paper. “She’s doing a better job investigating than the police did.” The family split apart after Adnan’s conviction, with older brother Tanveer cutting all ties and Adnan’s father sinking into a deep depression. Now, they say, the podcast is helping them connect again. Tanveer has even started visiting. “When he heard my brother’s voice,” Yusuf says, “it brought back all the memories.”

As the Syeds tell it, Adnan doesn’t quite understand how popular the podcast is — he gets transcripts, they say, but something gets lost on paper. Yusuf himself follows the rampant speculation around Adnan’s case on Reddit, even though he thinks it’s “toxic” at times: “People flip-flop back and forth — that’s understandable. But there’s this group of people on Reddit who are 100% ‘Adnan did it.’” The podcast will end in a few weeks, but those “Serial” obsessives will likely continue to follow Adnan’s real-world court case, which will have a fateful hearing in January.

Adnan’s Family: ‘Serial’ Brought Us Together