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Friends Countdown: All 152 Meals Shared Over 10 Seasons of Friends

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The most underrated character on the Friends? Food. So, we wondered, how many times did Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, and Chandler sit down and eat together? Obsessive? Maybe. A challenge we cannot ignore? Absolutely. The qualifying rules here are simple: “Meals” count as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, and at least one Friend must be present for each. Central Perk is out of bounds since it’s an entity unto itself, and if a meal is implied (like it was just finished or about to begin), it’s thrown into the mix, too. Dates count, takeout counts, and Mike (Paul Rudd) stuffing his face with cheese counts as well. And yes, wine counts as a meal, as all adults know. Let the breakfasts and sandwiches commence.

Season 1
1. Pho, by Monica and Paul the Wine Guy (S1, E1)
2. Sad spaghetti, by Monica, Ross, and Mr. and Mrs. Geller (S1, E2)
3. Brunch, by Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe (S1, E2)
4. Pizza, by Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe (S1, E4)
5. Something adult-looking, by Angela, Bob, Monica, and Joey (S1, E5)
6. A generic meal, by Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey’s arm (S1, E8)
7. Thanksgiving dinner, by Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica (S1, E9)
8. Chips, water, and what looks to be a big bottle of tequila, by Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Mrs. Bing, and a smiling Chandler (S1, E11)
9. Lap lasagna, by Joey and Chandler (S1, E12)
10. Cold lasagna, by Monica and Phoebe (S1, E12)
11. Pizza, by Rachel, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey (S1, E13)
12. Salad, by Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel (S1, E14)
13. Sushi, by Kristen and Ross (S1, E14)
14. Something fancy, by Ross and Chandler (S1, E16)
15. Chinese takeout, by Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, and Monica (S1, E16)
16. Chinese takeout, by Ross and Rachel (S1, E19)
17. Standing pizza, by Joey, Ross, and Chandler (S1, E19)
18. Chips and salsa, by Joey, Melanie, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe (S1, E24)
19. Crunch Berries (!), by Joey and Chandler (S1, E24)

Season 2
20. Bagels and brunch, by Monica and Phoebe (S2, E1)
21. Miscellaneous lunch, by Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler (S2, E3)
22. Bagels, by Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, and Ross (S2, E3)
23. Beverages, by Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey (S2, E5)
24. A sandwich, by Joey (S2, E5)
25. Key-lime pie (no!), by Ross (S2, E6)
26. Wine, by Rachel (S2, E7)
27. An assortment of Mockolate, by Phoebe and Rachel (S2, E8)
28. Pizza, by Joey, Ross, and Chandler (S2, E8)
29. Breakfast again, by Ross, Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe (S2, E10)
30. Potentially breadsticks, by Fun Bobby and Monica (S2, E10)
31. Sandwiches, by Ross, Chandler, and Joey (S2, E11)
32. What could be empty plates by Joey, his dad, Ross, Chandler, and Susie Moss (S2, E13)
33. Too much wine, by Erica and Joey (S2, E13)
34. Bagels and veggies, by Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Monica (S2, E16)
35. Miscellaneous cereal (maybe Crunch Berries), by Chandler and Joey (S2, E16)
36. Chips, by Ross, Rachel, and Monica (S2, E17)
37. Eggs, by Chandler and Joey (S2, E17)
38. Cereal, by a meditative Joey (S2, E21)
39. Spaghetti and salad, by Phoebe and Ryan (S2, E23)

Season 3
40. Muffins, coffee, and fruit, by Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel (S3, E1)
41. Graham crackers and jam, by Joey (S3, E3)
42. Breakfast Foods™, by Phoebe and Monica (S3, E5)
43. Eventually lobster, by Rachel, her dad, and Ross (S3, E7)
44. Post-football Thanksgiving food, by Joey, Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe (S3, E9)
45. Casserole, by Joey, Chandler, and the entire Tribbiani family (S3, E11)
46. Bread and salad, by Rachel, Ross, Monica, and maybe Phoebe (S3, E11)
47. Pizza, by Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey (S3, E11)
48. Cereal, by Joey (S3, E13)
49. A meal obstructed by plants, by Monica and Pete (S3, E13)
50. Something invisible, by Sergei, Phoebe, Mischa, and Monica (S3, E15)
51. Chinese takeout, by Ross and Rachel (S3, E15)
52. Breakup pizza, by Ross and Rachel (S3, E16)
53. Leg wax, by Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe (S3, E16)
54. Chinese takeout, by Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and an unseen entity (S3, E17)
55. Seemingly bad-tasting fruit, by Carol and Ross (S3, E17)
56. Yogurt and cereal, by Joey, Monica, and Ross (S3, E20)
57. Burgers and chips, by Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe (S3, E24)
58. Generic cereal, by Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, and Monica (S3, E25)
59. Graham crackers and jam, by Joey (S3, E3)

Season 4
60. Pasta, by Phoebe, Monica, and Joey (S4, E1)
61. Bread and vegetables, by Chip Matthews and Monica (S4, E2)
62. Bagels, by Chandler and Joey (S4, E2)
63. Bread and jam, by Phoebe and Monica (S4, E3)
64. Toast, jam, and cereal, by Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, and Phoebe (S4, E4)
65. Eggs and toast, by Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel (S4, E7)
66. Thanksgiving splendor, by Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Rachel’s son, and Joey (S4, E8)
67. Another sandwich, by Joey (S4, E11)
68. Foosball breakfast, by Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe (S4, E13)
69. Milk and cookies, by Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel (S4, E13)
70. Salads, by Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe (S4, E13)
71. Meat-filled sandwiches, by Joey and Phoebe (S4, E16)
72. Mountains of rice, by Rachel and Joshua (S4, E18)
73. Coffee and cereal, by Rachel, Monica, and Joey (S4, E19)
74. Sandwiches, by Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica (S4, E22)
75. Overpriced engagement-dinner food, by Mr. and Mrs. Waltham and Ross (S4, E24)

Season 5
76. Bagels, by Joey, Monica, and Chandler (S5, E2)
77. Cereal, by Chandler (S5, E4)
78. Bagels, by Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler (S5, E5)
79. Candlelit cuisine, by Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel, and Joey (S5, E6)
80. Salad, by Phoebe and Larry the health inspector (S5, E7)
81. Chinese takeout, by Rachel and Monica (S5, E7)
82. Thanksgiving remnants, by Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, and Joey (S5, E8)
83. More turkey, Mr. Chandler, by Mr. and Mrs. Bing and Chandler (S5, E8)
84. Bagels, by Joey, Monica, and Chandler (S5, E9)
85. Pie, by Chandler’s boss, his wife, Chandler, and Monica (S5, E12)
86. Pizza, by Joey (S5, E12)
87. Chinese takeout, by Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, and Ross (S5, E14)
88. Pizza, by Joey, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel (S5, E16)
89. Margaritas, bread, and vegetables, by Gary, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe (S5, E17)
90. Chips, Cookies, and a sandwich, by Joey, Monica, and Ross (S5, E17)
91. Bagels and juice, by Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Monica (S5, E18)
92. Pizza, by Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey (S5, E19)
93. Cereal, by Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler (S5, E22)

Season 6
94. Vegas buffet, by Joey and Phoebe (S6, E1)
95. Sandwiches, by Chandler and Monica (S6, E3)
96. ‘Za, by Joey and Chandler (S6, E6)
97. Trifle that tastes like feet, by Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Geller, and Monica (S6, E9)
98. Chinese takeout, by Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe (S6, E11)
99. Salads and several other courses, Chandler and Monica (S6, E16)
100. Plates of discontent (and something that looks like lobster), by Dana Keystone and Chandler (S6, E18)
101. All food groups, by Elizabeth, Ross, Paul Stevens, and Rachel (S6, E21)
102. Eventually something pricey, by Chandler and Monica (S6, E24)
103. Bread and cocktails with fruit, by Rachel, Joey, and Monica (S6, E24)

Season 7
104. “Lifeblood” (a sandwich), by Joey (S7, E1)
105. Fancy meats and a milkshake, by Chandler, Monica, and Mr. and Mrs. Geller (S7, E2)
106. Pancakes and/or waffles, by Monica, Phoebe, and Ross (S7, E3)
107. Chips and sandwiches, by Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, and Chandler (S7, E3)
108. Pizza and salad (#why), by Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross (S7, E4)
109. Salad and bread, by Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica (S7, E6)
110. Noodle-based something, by Chandler, Monica, and Janice (S7, E7)
111. Floor cake, by Rachel and Chandler (S7, E11)
112. Eventually more than condiments, by Joey and Phoebe (S7, E11)
113. Cereal, by Monica (S7, E13)
114. Birthday pancakes, by Joey, Ross, Tag, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe (S7, E14)
115. All available fried foods, by Joey (S7, E16)
116. Liquids, by Melissa, Rachel, and Phoebe (S7, E20)
117. Miscellaneous breakfast, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe (S7, E23)

Season 8
118. Pizza, by Ross and Joey (S8, E5)
119. Pre-dinner bread, by Phoebe, Mr. Green, and Rachel (S8, E8)
120. Sandwiches, by Chandler and Joey (S8, E8)
121. Thanksgiving dinner but especially yams, by the whole gang and Will (S8, E9)
122. Bread with the promise of more, by Mable and Joey (S8, E12)
123. More bread, by Joey and Rachel (S8, E12)
124. Bread and water, by Rachel and Joey (S8, E16)
125. Bagels, we think, by Chandler, Monica, and Joey (S8, E17)
126. Bread yet again, by Phoebe and (not) the man of her dreams (S8, E17)
127. Sandwiches, by Ross, Chandler, and Joey (S8, E19)

Season 9
128. Something at some point, we assume, by Mike, Phoebe, Joey, and his blind date (S9, E3)
129. A bread basket, at least, by Phoebe and Joey (S9, E5)
130. A sandwich, by Joey (S9, E6)
131. Rich-people meat-based cuisine, by Mike, Phoebe, and his parents (S9, E7)
132. Standard Thanksgiving spread, by Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Amy, and Joey (S9, E8)
133. Pizza, by Mike and Ross (S9, E9)
134. Toast, by Monica and Chandler (S9, E11)
135. Pizza, by Chandler (S9, E12)
136. Cheese, by Mike (S9, E12)
137. Sandwiches, by Joey and Chandler (S9, E13)
138. More sandwiches, by Monica and Chandler (S9, E14)
139. Baby food, by Phoebe and Joey (S9, E14)
140. Toast and eggs, by Monica and Joey (S9, E15)
141. Party platters, by Monica, Rachel, and all party guests (S9, E20)
142. Food-as-bribery, by Monica, Chandler, and Zack (S9, E23)
143. Eventually a celebratory meal, by Mike and Phoebe (S9, E23)

Season 10
144. Scones, by Rachel, Chandler, and Monica (S10, E1)
145. Too many margaritas (and nacho chips), by Rachel, Joey, Charlie, and Ross (S10, E2)
146. Bagels and veggies, by Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Rachel (S1, E5)
147. Chinese takeout, by Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel (S1, E6)
148. Late Thanksgiving, by Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Rachel (S1, E8)
149. A shit-ton of pineapple, by Rachel and Phoebe (S10, E11)
150. Sandwiches, by Chandler and Monica (S10, E14)
151. Delicious-looking dinner, by Mike, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Monica (S10, E14)
152. Bagels and veggies, by Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Rachel (S1, E5)

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All 152 Meals Shared Between Friends