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Friends Countdown: The Best Friends Merch You Can Buy Online

What better way to celebrate your love of Friends than by drinking your morning coffee out of a Central Perk mug? How about by wearing a pin stamped with Rachel’s famous line, “No Uterus, No Opinion”? Or by hanging your very own yellow peephole frame? The internet is full of Friends merch, official and not, with impressive attention to creativity and specificity to the show’s private jokes. Let us wade through the waters of Etsy, eBay, and Skreened to find you the best stuff.

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If you know Friends, by the end of the tenth season, the layout of Monica and Rachel’s West Village apartment is practically tattooed on your brain. (Maybe you’ve even created a Sims version at home. No? Just us.) If you’re into collectibles and you want the floorplan in material form, there are hand-drafted blueprints for that, mapped out all the way down to the peephole on the door. Included in the five-pack blueprints are the floorplans of Central Perk and the apartments of Ross, Phoebe (plus “Denise!), and that of Joey and Chandler.
Shut down the conversation with a pin that says it all.
It’s perfectly acceptable if you’re not a huge fan of nail art, but that may be because you’ve never had a chance to top off a fresh manicure with a Smelly Cat, Friends quote, or unagi roll decal.
No one could be less metal than Ross Geller, but maybe that’s because you’ve never spent time contemplating him in black eye makeup and grungey hair. Arist Kyle Williams and t-shirt maker, Skreened, took the guesswork out of it by printing shirts of all the main characters (plus Gunther!) separately and together in all of their gothed-out glory.  
A room refresher for the real-life smelly cats in your life. “What are they feeding youuu?”
Remember when Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, just ‘cause? Now you can imagine that you’re cozying up in Central Perk with this personalized mug in hand that expresses your true spirit name. If you’re more of a Crap Bag or a Chanandler Bong type, the mug can be personalized to any of your favorite Friends personas. When you’re considering gift options for fans who already have it all, think of it this way: It’s fun, and no one else has a mug like it.
Personalize your apartment with a peephole frame of your own.
There are a couple of iterations of Ross and Rachel’s famous “You’re my Lobster” quote online: a cross-stitch, wedding invitation, charm bracelet, and even a wedding cake topper. This one’s a more subtle gesture: a lobster claw necklace that comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. 
“You hide my clothes, I’m wearing everything you own.” Commemorate one of your favorite Joey Tribbiani scenes that had you saying, “Could I BE … ?” afterward forever. Also available is a print of the scene where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe drink beer in wedding dresses.
Coloring books aren’t just for kids, guys. They can be for adults who act like kids, too. This hand-drawn, 12-page Friends book has some of the best images from the show: A turkey with sunglasses on Joey’s head? Check. Ross explaining unagi? Check. These are guaranteed to go straight to the top of the fridge, but if you need a break, try putting it in the freezer.
Apparently, collectible fake driver’s licenses are a thing on Etsy, and you can find one for any of the main actors on Friends and the characters they play. Here’s to hoping you can order one soon that reads “Chanandler Bing.” 
To keep a few Friends mementos close at hand, there’s a charm bracelet that features eight memorable show icons. There’s the “PIVot, PIVot, PIVot” couch, an empty plate (because you know Joey doesn’t share food), and the umbrella from the show opener.
The Best Friends Merch You Can Buy Online