Cosby Accuser Tamara Green Files Defamation Suit Against the Comedian

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

Tamara Green, a retired California lawyer who accused Bill Cosby nine years ago of drugging and groping her in the 1970s, filed a defamation suit against the comedian Wednesday in Massachusetts. When Cosby and his legal team disputed the initial allegations and publicly branded her a liar in 2005, Green’s reputation was impugned, according to the suit. Cosby’s attorney had said: “Miss Green’s allegations are absolutely false. Mr. Cosby does not know the name Tamara Green or Tamara Lucier [her maiden name], and the incident she describes did not happen. The fact that she may have repeated this story to others is not corroboration.”

Attorney Joseph Cammarata told People that his client filed the suit this week to “restore her good name and reputation.” The statute of limitations is one year for defamation, Cammarata said, so Green is suing the comedian for recent statements given to the Washington Post and Newsweek, which include: “This is a 10-year discredited accusation that proved to be nothing at the time, and is still nothing.”

Green claims she’s been suffering, both personally and professionally, because people now don’t trust her. The lawyer added that other women Cosby has made public comments about are welcome to hop aboard the lawsuit, too.

Cosby Accuser Tamara Green Files Defamation Suit