Watch Discovery’s Eaten Alive Anaconda Guy Not Get Eaten Alive

Discovery had promised that a man would be eaten alive by a behemoth of an anaconda in its Sunday Eaten Alive special. That man, naturalist Paul Rosolie, was in fact not eaten alive. In the show, which was shot to draw attention to resource extraction in rain forests, Rosolie donned his snake suit and endured intense constriction. The goal was obviously to get all the way inside the anaconda, but Rosolie had to cut the meal short because the snake almost broke his arm. (Perhaps even more disappointing, Rosolie told People that the snake wasn’t one they happened upon; it was a Peruvian green anaconda in captivity they were using to stage the experiment.) Nonetheless, here it is: the moment we were all waiting for, in which Rosolie (kind of) almost gets eaten alive:

Discovery’s Eaten Alive Guy Not Eaten Alive