Ellen DeGeneres and Lauren Graham Are Developing a Female Late Night Host Comedy

There have been a ton of open late night hosting gigs on the major networks recently between The Tonight Show, Late Night, Late Show, The Late Late Show, and next year’s Late Late Show guest host lineup, and NBC is attempting to bank off of late night’s most glaring problem in the form of a sitcom starring Lauren Graham. Deadline reports that the network has given a script commitment to a single-camera comedy called Kate On Later. The half-hour series is co-written by Graham and He’s Just Not That Into You’s Liz Tuccillo and produced by Ellen DeGeneres’s A Very Good Production and follows Graham as Kate, “who thought her day job was all her life would amount to when an opportunity arises that’s bigger than she ever dreamed possible. But that opportunity means she’s going to have to break one of the last remaining glass ceilings — the world of late-night network television talk shows.” Graham will also serve as an executive producer alongside Tuccillo and DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres and Lauren Graham Are Developing a […]