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The Most Entourage-y Moments in the New Entourage Movie Trailer

It’s here! It’s here. The Entourage movie (trailer) is real, and it exists in our world now. The question remains, however: How Entourage-y is it? It’s been a long three years since the show’s series finale — can the boys pick up where they left off? Let’s see.

Vince plays a DJ …

A superhero DJ? Sure. Why not! Sure.

And Ari is mad. Why is he mad? Who cares! Just look at these faces. Everyone is truly back to their old selves: Vince is dumbfounded, E is concerned, Johnny Drama is lost, Turtle is hungry, and Ari is mad.

Close-up on Vince’s face: “Who, me?”

Who else is mad? Well, Sloan. Still mad:

Lloyd, mad:

Even this guy’s Medellin back tattoo looks kind of mad:

But this is Entourage, remember. What we need most are cool ways to get around town. How about a yacht?

Or a helicopter:

A convertible!

Where are you guys even going at this point? Well, to hang out with cool friends, like Haley Joel Osment and Billy Bob Thornton (who play father and son):

To do a beer bong on said yact with NFL star Rob Gronkowski:

(Look! Billy’s there!)

Maybe they’re off to couples’ therapy? Glad to know that’s still an issue:

Just as long as, at the end of the day, they’re meeting up with Entourage guru Mark Wahlberg, who is wearing a T-shirt that says “Get Marked.” Never change, everyone. Welcome back, Entourage.

(Yeah! Ohhh, Yeah!)

The Entourage Trailer’s Most Entourage-y Moments